Woody Y.
I brought in a tie for cleaning. Concierge Cleaners offered a good price. It was ready the following day. Efficient and courteous is how I would explain my experience. I recommend this business.
Ella H.
Next Door Cleaners did what I thought was impossible- take out a black sharpie stain on my cream wool Maje sweater ! I couldn't believe it, I thought that sweater was a goner, and it was actually my favorite sweater. I'm so grateful for them, they are as sweet and friendly as amazing at that they do.
Aron L.
This review is for the tailor Ankine. Quick background: Clothing doesn't fit me off the rack, especially suits. in the last several decades, I have worked with many tailors in the LA areas and I've been willing to drive further if I meet one that does a great job and knows the craft. I've been recommended to many tailors that are known in their field in Beverly Hills, San Marino, low key family-owned shops and areas with good pricing and skills, and MANY others, where I've paid anywhere from tens of dollars to hundreds per jacket/item and at times, I felt the pain of my wallet and vowed to never buy anything that doesn't come close to fitting me, and only buy custom tailored suits. There are some good tailors out there, but the moment I stopped going to them were usually for the same reason - they tried selling me on tailored items that didn't omit or create the fit that I want, and kept trying to sell me their craftsmanship when there were clearly mistakes that they've overlooked and did not focus on customer service consistently. Consistency is key in any business. I'm not entitled, and have always been appreciative of tailors that meet the intentions we aim to achieve. Ie. We get things tailored (that are reasonably maneuverable), the tailor agrees to the job, and assuming we don't gain or lose a ton of weight, we should expect the fit to meet the standards. Ankine, the tailor who works inside this local dry cleaning spot is worth every penny, is highly skilled for everyday hems and suit tailoring (I've seen ladies with dresses as well go there), and she has been the most kind and CONSISTENTLY delivers on her craft. I'd drive miles across town to go to her. It's been almost 7 years. Unlike other tailors, her pricing is unambiguous, fair, and there is a small sign with pricing on her dressing/closet door for transparency. She's also quick with turn-times, is not entitled or trying to sell you her craft (her skills speak for itself), and I absolutely love her as a person. For those of you who have already paid $$$$ for amazing suits, don't feel like you need to go to dad tailors in BH. I purchase custom-tailored suits that utilizes top tier fabrics - Loro Piana, Zegna, Italian mills, etc. Since our bodies will change shape after years of not wearing the old ones, I adjust things from time to time. Other times, when the suit is done from the original maker and I don't want to go back and wait for a month to only fix the sleeve length, Ankine perfects the suit, and keeps it's shape the way it's suppose to be. She also has a fashion sense and knows how things should fit so you won't have to explain 10x. I also drop off clothes for the dry cleaning side and they have been my go-to for years as well. I specifically ask them not to press on my shirt collars and they will remember to do so, which I appreciate. I wish Ankine a ton of success and May God Bless this woman. I know I talked a lot about suits but I've dropped off a ton of jackets (bombers too), jeans, shirts, and everyday items for her to fix. I'm a happy customer.
Arpy B.
I recently used the alterations and dry cleaning services at a local location during wedding time and I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of service that I received. The staff were friendly and helpful, and they were able to accommodate my rush order with ease. The alterations were done to a high standard, with all of the alterations fitting perfectly and looking seamless. The dry cleaning services were also top-notch, with my wedding dress coming back looking crisp and fresh. Overall, I highly recommend this location for any alterations or dry cleaning needs, especially during wedding season when time is of the essence. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that my wedding attire was taken care of and I am extremely grateful for their excellent service
Sousan K.
I go occasionally for dry cleaning but I go more for alteration, Ankin the sewing Lady is very expert,on top of regular alteration services she did change my clothes and turned them into fun wearing pieces ,some boring dresses Ankin turned them into different designs, all professionally done with excellent finishings. She never says it cannot be done ,"no"is not in her dictionary,she could even manage to repair clothings u love and cherish and give them back to you brand new ,like one time my faux furr white jacket that was stained by red lipstick,she helped me to find a matching patch and was able to replace that ruined shoulder patch and I got my beautiful furr jacket back like a brand new one only for $20.Her prices are so reasonable all listed in details at her place .I highly recommend this place excellent customer service, smily faces ,I feel like home.
Rosetta R.
I haven't had the need to take my clothes to the dry cleaners since covid because I've been working from home. For the past couple of months my company has asked us to come in a few times a week for in-person meetings so I decided to take my suits to a dry cleaner. A few of my suits had major stains on it and I was scared they wouldn't come off. My cleaners had gone out of business so I decided to search and find another dry cleaner. I found "Concierge Cleaners" read some of the reviews and decided to give it a chance. I'm pretty picky about my dry cleaning so I hoped and prayed they would do a good job. My experience at Concierge Cleaners was Superb!!! 1. Walked in and was immediately greeted by a young lady with a great smile. She was so pleasant and asked how she could help me. I told her I had a few suits that needed cleaning and that this was my first time at their store. 2. She thanked me for bringing the items to their store and proceeded to examine the suits and made sure she tagged the spots on each suit paying close attention to detail. Then she took my name and phone number and proceeded to ask if I needed this as a rush order. I told her that a few days would be ok. She gave me a two day turnaround which I was super excited about. 3. Next, she gave me a receipt with the details of the transaction along with the due date. She thanked me again for my business. I left the store feeling really good about my interaction and especially loved the attention to detail. 4. On Thursday, as promised I received a text on my phone from Concierge Cleaners stating my items were ready. This was definitely another big plus as I love technology and the fact that they sent me a reminder to pick up my items. 5. I visited the cleaners on thursday and was greeted again but this time by both the husband and wife (owners - Mirna and Shahe) of the business. They introduced themselves and knew that I was a new client and again thanked me for my business. They also greeted me with a smile and were super pleasant. 6. They brought out my items and asked me to inspect them to make sure it was to my satisfaction. I couldn't believe my eyes as all of the spots had disappeared and the suits were like brand new. Amazing work... I thanked them and said you are now my official dry cleaners for life. To sum it up, I was very impressed with the entire client journey from the time I walked in to the time I picked up the quality work they had done. The fact that they were pleasant, addresssed all of my needs, paid attention to details and delivered in a timely manner. A big plus was the automatic reminder (text on my phone) They are definitely a keeper. If you ever need your clothes dry cleaned look nowhere but to Concierge Cleaners - they are an A++ and will take great care of all your needs. Thank you Concierge Cleaners!!! Rosetta
Sousan Krajian
The best dry cleaning place I tried a lot of other places before ,non of them is like this ,the customer service is great,the work is done greatly also they have the best alteration lady her name is Ankin ,she has a great tailoring skills ,she not only does difficult & impossible alterations , she can make you any dress from any picture you see in the magazine a great sewing & tailoring 🪡 🧵 skills .
Rachel L.
The tailor here, Ankine, is magic! I needed two dresses altered for my engagement photos in a short time frame, one of which was a vintage 1950s dress. She had great ideas about how to make the dresses flattering and how to preserve the integrity of design in the vintage dress. She completed the alterations in time for the photo shoot, and I was thrilled with the results! It's tough to find a good tailor, and often tailors at dry cleaners can be subpar. But Ankine is really talented and a cut above! So kind and friendly too! I have also used the dry cleaning services here and been really satisfied.
Abeer Shaban
Ilove this place for tailoring Anik is very talented n dry cleaning is very good as well
Brian Casey
Simply the best.
Sara Vanis
I am a customer a for life. The service and the quality are the best I have found in Pasadena and trust me, I have been looking.
Marcy Harbut
The best around, I go nowhere else after bad experiences at other places.